Wildlife Care Badge

Wildlife Care Badge
Did you know that wildlife rehabilitation is an unregulated industry in the UK? This means that there is currently no legislation required (except for certain species) for a wild animal to be ‘rehabbed’.
Sadly we see hundreds of animals each year that come into our care when it is too late for them. People, although with best intentions, have found a wild animal and have ‘given it a go’ rehabilitating or rearing but things have gone wrong as they do not have the expertise. Wildlife should ALWAYS be taken to professionals – as you would do the same for an injured pet animal or human.
Thankfully, the wildlife care badge has been recently developed by vets and wildlife professionals as a self-regulation accreditation scheme. For this, our three animal care team leaders; Harriet, Amy and Emma took an exam covering all aspects of rehabilitation, and our premises was checked by the fabulous team at Oadby Vets4Pets. We are pleased to say we have achieved the badge for all wildlife species.
We are sure that you will be seeing this badge being completed by more rehabilitation centres until some legislation is finally put into place.
If you would like to find out more about the wildlife care badge, visit https://www.wildlifecarebadge.com
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