Help us Care for our Hedgehogs!

Help us Care for our Hedgehogs!

It is getting to that time of year again when we are starting to get a lot busier with hedgehogs that are too small to survive hibernation. During these winter months we go through hundreds of tins of meaty loaf dog/cat food, specialist milk formula for the late hoglets that are born and critical care for the very poorly hedgehogs.

A hog will munch on average half a can of tinned loaf food a day . That equates to 3.5 cans a week, or 14 cans a month and a wopping 112 cans over winter. Now multiply that by 300 – the approximate number of hedgehogs that we had in last year!

We are therefore putting out an appeal for these items which can be purchased and brought directly to the hospital any day between 9am and 2pm, or by following the link to our amazon wishlist –

In order to survive hibernation, a hedgehog needs to be at least 600g. A hedgehog between 450-600g will have only a 50% survival rate and any lower than 450g will be lucky to survive. We therefore care for hedgehogs over the winter to allow them to gain the weight they need and then release them back into the wild in spring so they’re back out in time for mating season.

At this time of year we would also like to advertise our hedgehog houses that we have for sale which make a great place for a hedgehog to hibernate. These range from £25-45 depending on the style. If you are interested in purchasing a hedgehog house from ourselves (stocks limited), please email us at: [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support.

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