Whitethroat Release

Whitethroat Release

It’s that time of year again when we are seeing migratory birds arriving back into the UK. Last week, we admitted a whitethroat to the centre that was extremely weak and lethargic. With no other damage or illness, it is clear that this whitethroat was simply exhausted from her flight back to the UK. A night in an incubator with some juicy waxworms and she was back up to full strength in the morning, meaning that we were able to release her back into the wild again.

Did you know? Male whitethroats arrive in the UK before the female and during this time, they establish their territory and build several nests. When the female returns, she decides out of the nests that the male has built and they make that one extra special. They then lay 4-5 eggs, but only around 30% of juvenile whitethroats will make it to be able to breed themselves (at around one year of age)

If you would like to donate towards the care of more migratory birds we expect to see at the centre in the next coming months, please follow this link to our just giving page.

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